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In my last blog I discussed the SAP University Alliance Program and where to see if there is a program near you, along with some example schools and their sample analytics curriculum:

UA Around the World

Click on that link and you will see a window with options to search though and find schools like this:

As you can see lots of good schools in Australia and other parts of the world, especially in North America too which you can also view on a map:

Today I want to show you some of the SAP Assets the SAP UA member schools can download, what types of curriculum they can choose from, and what it looks like.  This way you can find a school near you, see what they are teaching, what systems they expose their students to and decide if you want to work with them, hire their students, send your employees there for education, or best of all if you want to partner with them to make their curriculum better and your new-hires from that school just what you want!

Of course I will start with where I am at,

Georgia College

Here at Georgia College we have inserted Enterprise Systems throughout our undergrad curriculum with plenty of hands on SAP experience.


In our classes we choose which SAP assets to expose the students to and which ones we will use extensively for hands on components.

Here is the current list we choose from:

As you can see we have access to everything from the Business Suite, to Hana, to Lumira, to Predictive Analytics, BI, ABAP, Mobile Platform, Netweaver, BusinessByDesign, Fiori, Bex, Webi . . .

We have the curriculum broken up into functional areas:

So schools have curriculum available in Accounting and Finance (CO & FI), BPM, BI, Cloud, Hana, HCM, Marketing, Mobile, SCM, CS, and even classes that prepare students to take and pass the Terp10 certification.  You must be a member school to gain access to the remaining screens and material as they are created for exclusive use in the SAP UA member schools, who pay 8,000 dollars a year here in the US to gain access to the material, to be hosted by a member school, and attend training if necessary to begin teaching the material.

Here at GCSU we are emphasizing business processes, analytics, and enterprise performance management. 

So when I click on Business Intelligence I see quite an array of sample curriculum from in class exercises to entire courses I can choose from:

Let’s suppose I want to have a module on SAP Lumira and Big Data (which we have in several courses)

I will click on that option and I will be taken to a page explaining what this material is all about:

Once I decide this is the material I want to use I click on it and I will see the next screen, which shows who the authors are (in this case I find one of the authors is @SAPMENTORS @ERP_Prof Simha Magal so I know the material will be top notch.):

I click to download the material and I will usually find a zip file full of exercises, data files, tutorials, explanations and hopefully an answer key (which is one of the many reasons we restrict access!).

The SAP UA team does a great job giving a similar look and feel to the material, and it is very easy for the faculty and students to follow along and get a great education in SAP Assets and solutions.  This in turn creates great graduates from the SAP UA member schools, that turn into great new-hires for SAP partner companies!

In my next Blog I will discuss some of the ways the SAP UA and the SAP Ecosystem tries to make learning fun, as we educate the next generation of SAP professionals, like this week’s March Madness Data Viz competition. 

If you can’t wait for my next blog, follow me on twitter @DocKevinElder for the latest posts on the fun we are having at GCSU!