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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello fellow community members.

As you might have seen a small group of volunteers from the SAP community managed to host a full 24 hour online event in the end of May. When we started the project we didn't really know what to expect or if anyone would even turn up. 

I think I can safely say that it was a great success and our YouTube channel has now more than 1400 subscribers and the content has been viewed more than 1.700 hours. 

The organizers felt that we couldn't just do this event as a one-off, and while we aren't announcing another 24-hour event, I am going to explain a bit more about what's to come for the SAP Online Track in this blog.

As you might have seenujjwal16 some people in the community quickly reached out to us and asked if that was ok for him to do that. And all we can say is ABSOLUTELY! Let the concept grow!

Our aim for the SAP Online Track is to create a platform on YouTube, where streamed (and pre-recorded) content from the SAP Community can be hosted. So you, as a member, have a one-stop-shop to get to community-driven knowledge. The idea is really to create an open source project where everything we learned from the first event will be added to our Github organisation. There are already some guides that you can check out, in the repository for SAP Online Track 2020.

There will be no rules rules on what type of event that can be called an SAP Online Track. There’s basically three things that we ask of the organiser to do:

  1. Adhere to the code of conduct

  2. Promote no individual products from partners or content otherwise considered marketing.

  3. Stream the (or publish the pre-recorded) content via our SAP Online Track Youtube channel, so the community knows exactly where to go for new content.

But whether you want to host a single webinar, a 3-hour event, a streaming series, or a new 24 hour event 😉 You are more than welcome to use the platform. We are also considering the usage of the Discord server for virtual workshops, like design thinking sessions, etc. that could benefit the community in general.

The organizing team consisting ofrsletta, and myself will remain in control of the Youtube channel as maintainers to remote any potentially malicious content.  

We are currently working on ways for us to automate the access to stream on the Youtube channel, but for now please get in touch with us via the Discord Server or Twitter if you want to contribute to the project.

Please share your feedback to us for how we can take this project forward. We want to keep being transparent and really create a platform for everybody to be able to contribute. It doesn't matter what experience you have or how you are presenting your knowledge. If you have something to share, we would be honoured to help you get it out there.