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On behalf of, Tanja Zboril, Program Manager OpenText

Top performing HR departments take on average two hours to respond to a routine employee inquiry whereas lower performing HR departments take on average 10 hours to do the same.

Where would you find your own organization?




The difference between top performer and low performer even shows a higher discrepancy when it comes to non-routine employee inquiries:  


Losing time on employee enquiries has various impacts on the business. Not only are employees and managers dissatisfied with the HR service level and do not feel appreciated. The HR department also loses valuable time on administrative tasks that could be better spent on strategies that bring real value to the company.

If you manage to save time on administrative tasks, you can reposition your HR department as a strategic department which provides value-adding services such as helping to define, deliver, refine and measure overall business strategy through the effective deployment of skills and knowledge.

What are the top 2 strategies to reduce HR time spent on administrative tasks?

Strategy #1:

Make it unnecessary for HR business partners to switch between different IT applications and employee paper files to access all employee information. Integrate digital employee files directly into the SAP HCM system. This drastically reduces the length of inquiry calls by having the right information accessible immediately when taking the call.

Strategy #2

Reduce the overall number of incoming inquiries by providing more and more self-service functions to employees and managers within an Employee Portal.

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