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Details : September 12, @ 11:00 a.m. EST

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Having invested heavily in SAP now you wish your SAP to work your way - deploying changes quickly, giving project timeline reports easily, predicting project delivery, upgrading SAP - anything and everything as quickly as your business demands. While reciprocating to the needs of business remains your priority it might demand new SAP project such as SAP upgrade or a simple fix in SAP. Such projects are challenged by siloed roles in the team separated by different geographies and governed by in-house and outsourced teams. Yet, project has to be delivered within the time line with reduced cost and risk. Can automation, collaboration and end to end governance help here? Certainly, to meet the timelines and speed up the SAP implementation, upgrades, fixes and maintenance you need a solution that brings automation, collaboration in place for any SAP project and even for that matter an SAP project that depends upon non SAP system too.

How? Tune in to this webcast to understand how SAP's Pinnacle Award winning System Integrator IBM Global Business Services deliver their SAP projects in time with reduced risk & cost with the speed that business demands.

Some Key points that largest System Integrator will discuss :-

- Speed up the delivery of SAP change deployments and upgrades by process and people collaboration

- Reduce costs but not quality, get accurate, real-time visibility into overall health of project.

- Manage status/progress transparency, predictability and on-time delivery.

- Manage risk by increasing reuse and minimizing rework.

- Efficiently manage defect tracking, workflow and traceability. 

Join Vandna Kapoor, Delivery Excellence of SAP Projects and Steven Pitschke to learn how IBM Rational can help accelerate your SAP projects at reduced risk and cost.

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