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Sorry, it's been a while and things have been busy around here!

There has been quite a bit of buzz lately about Voice of the Customer analysis -- taking text that customers have posted on blogs like this one, on forums, as well as text entered in customer surveys, and transforming that text into actionable information.

Voice of the Customer analysis falls into two main categories -- buzz (external) analysis, which is provided by service companies like Omnicom and Newstin (both of which are Business Objects OEM partners) as well as general analysis, which is provided by players like Attensity, Clarabridge, and Business Objects. (Of course, we think Business Objects Text Analysis, with its truly extensible platform and multi-lingual capabilities, is the perfect choice, especially for existing SAP or Business Objects XI customers!)

Voice of the Customer analysis can tell you not only what your customers have done, but what they would like you to do in the future - shedding light on desireable new product features and service issues, helping you better understand what really matters to your customers, and exploring that information in a multi-variate environment.

Do your customers in Florida value different things than your customers in Berlin? Do you have a particular issue with the French version of your software that doesn't exist in other versions? Is your service desk in Belarus causing more problems than your desk in Botswana? Did that new change in policy help improve customer satisfaction over the last three months, or are customers angrier than ever? These are all issues that Voice of the Customer analysis can help answer.

SAP itself is looking in the future to better mine comments on sites like this one by using BusinessObjects Text Analysis, as well as use Text Analysis to recommend additional content of interest to you.

We are also working on adapters to SAP CRM systems that will allow you to seamlessly plug in BusinessObjects Text Analysis to your SAP CRM installation to begin mining and using information in that system.