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“SAPaaS: BluePrinting & Provisioning SAP using vCloud Automation Center & Application Director”

Technical Tutorial by Brian LaRose, VMware at SUSECon 2014

After a brief talk about SAP with regards to VMware ApplicationDirector (AppD) and vRealize Automation, Brian will jump directly to a demonstration to show the SAP blueprints that are available.

AppD provides the canvass for drawing simple pictures and relationships on a screen, connecting the logical functions with dependencies, tuning and overriding configurations and parameters and even allowing checkpoint intervals along the build.

This method can deliver 100% repeatable deployments into a resource pool by simply deploying these templates (or blueprints) over and over.

vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) also supports multiple deployment targets from private instance, Amazon EC2 or hybrid.

Once you see the blueprinted SAP provisioning and the advanced design and deployment capabilities of vCAC/AppD, you won’t want to kickstart or ignite a single instance SAP VM ever again.

This demo and the entire project is delivered on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server For SAP 11 SP3. This tutorial is a good example for the “exceptional technical content” SUSE will provide you at SUSECon 2014 in Orlando from November 17 to 21. For the third time already, users, developers, and technicians from throughout the world will meet at the annual SUSECon in Florida. Keynote speeches, technological and practical applications, workshops, and breakout sessions will inform them about the latest developments and trends in the global SUSE Enterprise community.