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I just want to note down the classification of  values in a work order for a quick reference to the ABAP newbies working in  SAP PM. 

The values in a Work order are divided into three categories.

  • Costs

  • Settlement           

  • Activities


We will be allocating resources to the work order during the planning stage and this will be consumed by the order in the later stages. This consumption of resources is considered as a Cost.

The work order will be debited with the cost when the consumption happens.

There will be couple of tasks that are needed to perform the maintenance like inspection and repairing which are performed by maintenance technicians. These can be grouped as Activities in a work order.

The work order is a cost object. The cost should be transferred to another object.

For example ,when a Technician do his activities for a work order and confirms his time,a time confirmation will be created which will finally credit the work order with the cost. The cost will be in the work order unless it is transferred. So to transfer this cost aSettlement should happen. And as  a result of settlement the technician will be paid for his work.

In simple terms ,Cost of an order is an expenditure.