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Decision characteristics overview screen MIC  valuation:

  1. When
    characteristics overview screen is displayed, summarized mean results of MIC
    are displayed in QA11 screen at the time of usage decision.
  2. The
    results of MIC are automatically calculated as mean values from all inspection
    point and averaged values are displayed.
  3. However
    the valuation check mark is always displayed as from last valid inspection
    point for that MIC.
  4. Valuation
    happens at two levels for inspection point :
  5. When
    multiple results are recorded against single inspection point, mean of all
    result is calculated per valuation rule assigned in sampling procedure which is
    attached to Mic.
  6. At
    usage decision level, for individual MIC results recorded in all inspection
    points are considered and average value is pushed as an aggregate result to
    inspection lot (stored in QAMR table).


  1. c. Standard Valuation rule A3 borrows valuation check
    marks for MIC from last valid inspection point results.

Valuation behavior can be changed at run time by
assigning a custom function module in configuration.  This change is at client level so it possible
to write plant specific logic inside the
module and change the valuation behavior.

Ex: The valuation check marks appearing
on usage decision characteristic overview screen from last sample inspection
point while result values are always average.

This behavior can be changed for only certain plants by
creating a new custom FM and assigning the same to valuation rule A3 as shown

New logic can be added in this FM specific to each plant.
Some plant can work with last inspection point valuation symbols while other
can choose to show the valuation sign per mean results recorded. you can also add several  business specific checks for valuation in the FM.