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How many customers/partners using Netweaver BPM as a "real" BPM?

Let me put it like this… how many of us using Netweaver BPM as NOT like a typical workflow?

BPM is NOT a pure WORKFLOW tool.  Workflow is one of core functionalities within BPM.


When a customer says that we are using Netweaver BPM  as their Business Process Management tool, I  assume that they are using all the components mentioned in the diagram. If they are not using any one of these components then that means they are deviating from the BPM practice.

The most important pieces of the BPM are Governance and Reporting sections.


For example, One customer says that we are not using Analytics and Reporting features in Netweaver BPM.In that case it would be more intresting to know  how the customer is

  1. Generating the real-time insight of the processes
  2. Creating Management dash boards for decision making
  3. Generate Audit  reports
  4. Processing duration and work load analysis


We can make use of BPM Data sources feature to develop many customized reports. Check  Custom KPI measurement solution for BPM blogs for more info .

The other one is using Business Rules with in BPM.

The following are few scenarios where we can make use of BRM

  1. Customer wants to calculate/generate material SKU numbers in a process.Rather than writing thousands of lines of code, they could use BRM
  2. In a Marketing management program , you want to calculate the discount based on some criteria/conditions
  3. Routing the typical workflow.

Check my blogs on how we can make use of Dynamic Business Processes with Netweaver BPM & BRM