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This blog is going to explain about the concept Transport Targets and Groups in SLD, most of the times  Business System name in Dev will be different in Quality and Production as per the naming standards.


 Whenever we transport ID objects from one environment to other (Dev--->Qual, Qual--->Prod), we need to define transport targets correctly to be able to transport objects out of the Integration Directory. This is because transport targets ensure that the business system components from all the Integration Directories involved in the transport are correctly assigned to each other.


 Recently I worked on transporting my objects from Dev t Quality, Quality to Production.  business system in Dev is BS_RD5_210, but in quality BS_RQ5_500, so whenever I transport ID objects (Dev--->Qual) name of the business system should be change to quality name automatically, to happen this I have created Transport Targets in SLD.



    1)Register your Dev, Qual, Prod PI/ECC systems in SLD as a Technical Systems.


    2)Register your Dev, Qual, Prod PI/ECC systems in SLD as a Business system

(Mark PI-Business Systems are Integration server, ECC Systems are Application systems).


   3)Define 3 Business System Groups in SLD, “DEV”,”QUAL” and “PROD”.


   4)Set Transport Target, i.e Dev--->Qual , Qual--->Prod.


   5)Create Transport target for your Business System


   6)Transport your Dev SLD objects to other PI SLD’s (Qual and Prod).


   7)Transport your ID objects to Other PI environment’s (Dev--->Qual,Qual--->Prod), objects renamed automatically.


Creating Transport Groups:


     1) On the SLD start page, choose Business Systems.

          The browser displays the Business Systems screen.

     2) From the dropdown list box for the input field Groups, choose Edit Groups.


    3) On the Business System Groups screen, choose New Group.