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This documents shows handling custom labels translation in Personas screen.

Handling Translations:

1. Below is the Persona screen having some simple text like Employee id,First ,Last Names & Fetch as button text.


2.  Create a Package or use the existing package to be used for storing Persona objects.Here a new package is created.


3.  Package details need to be maintained in Persona Configuration.Goto tcode SPRO by below path

      SPRO->Cross-Application->SAP Screen Persona->Maintain Persona Global Setting



4. Maintain Package name under "Persona Package" and the save the config.


5. Goto Tcode "/N/PERSOS/ADMIN_UI" and navigate to Translation folder for

   implementing translations.And select the flavor which needs to be translated

   by clicking add button.


6. On flavor selection Text info of screen will be displayed as below.


7. Select all the text elements and create OTR text objects by clicking "Create OTR" button.

    All the text elements will be saved in a T.R


8. Open the T.R to get the Text object ids and copy all the Hexadecimal values.


9. Inorder to manitain text for translation use tcode "SOTR_EDIT", and give the Hexadecimal code

    which we got from above.


10.Click "Change" button and maintain the text,here translation is done for German language.




11.Similarly text is maintained for other elements as well.After maintainence of text info,

     logged into Persona with Logon language as "DE" (German).We can see the

     text translation in the screen as below.