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Dear all,

With this document I would like to share some experiences in translating customer specific texts in launchpads. Due to the fact that most of the companies expand their business worldwide, multilingual environments are required to satisfy customers requirements. Therefore it is important that customer specific texts are translated in all languages that are available in the system.

Maintaining launchpads can be done in the launchpad framework that can be started with transaction LPD_CUST. We can either define our own launchpad or modify the pre-delivered from SAP. Regardless of the launchpad first we have to generate a key for the texts to be translated. The keys are generated automatically as soon as we add the launchpad in a transport request (menu bar Launchpad > Transport).

The generated keys can either be checked from the menu bar “Launchpad  > Textkeys/Translations” or with report APB_LPD_SHOW_TEXT_KEYS.

Translation of the texts can be done in transaction SE63. You can either go manually to SE63 or by jumping to SE63 from the “Textkeys/Translations” screen. Customer Long Texts must be translated in General Text (code TX). When starting SE63 manually, the General Text can either be picked from the available object types or by entering TX in the transaction bar.

When translations are created they need to be transported as well. Unfortunately, SE63 does not add the translations in a transport request. Hence this must be done manually. I recommend to use transaction SLXT (SE63 Translation Export) to add all the translations in a transport request.

Hope this document is helpful for your projects.

Thanks for reading.



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