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After attending several SAP Inside Tracks this year, I wanted to offer what I have seen as suggestions for Inside Tracks.  Some of us have attended / presented / help organize SAP Inside Tracks either in person or virtually. Here is my advice how to make your event better as an organizer or potential attendee.

1) Show up to the event if you've registered

The host of the event has budgeted food, refreshments, and space based on registration.  Please show up or if you cannot make it, alert the host.

2) Use Event Brite for registration is a site that allows you to create events for free.

It will publish tickets, manage your registrations, allow you to submit abstracts and more! It was used for SAP Inside Track Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Hana Code Jam

3) Co-locate with an ASUG Chapter Meeting (if in North America)

This year SAP Inside Track Chicago was collocated with the ASUG Chicago Chapter meeting and attendance at both events was quite high.

4) Line up sponsors

Some events are sponsored by SAP and some are sponsored by vendors. It is good to have a vendor to sponsor lunches, location, and beverages too. has been a great sponsor of Inside Tracks, providing free book giveaways. Follow them on Twitter at @SAPPRESS

5) Advertise on SCN

Create a document in the Inside Track or Events space

Consider advertising on Linked In, or other areas too

Write a blog to promote your event

6) Submit an Abstract

Will you be presenting at a SAP Insider Event, SAP TechEd or future ASUG event? What better way to practice your presentation informally than at a SAP Inside Track event.

I did this myself last year and the feedback from the community was invaluable (I was told I spoke too fast).

7) Document and Share your Experience on SCN

After attending the event, blog about your experience on SCN.  This is an SCN event, therefore why not share your experience with the community?

😎 Have a designated photographer to document the event

Photo of Martin Gillet: Courtesy of SAP TechEd photographer

No, we cannot all have martin.gillet at all of our events, but it would be good to designate a photographer for the event

9) Can't attend in person?

Join the Adobe Connect sessions.  I did this at last week's SAP Inside Track Bangalore and learned a great deal.

10) Have fun!

Most of all, enjoy the event.  Learn, network, and have fun.

11) Use Storify to tell your story with Tweets

SAP Insider from last week's BI2013 tweet stream, pulling a story together. Martin Gillet has recommended this to me before, but I still haven't figured it out.  Check it out here.

12) Use Animoto or another tool to tell story via pictures

I borrowed this idea from craig.cmehil and used this for BI2013 - check it out here

It pulls together your pictures to music.  The first thirty seconds are FREE.


Take advantage of the SCN Connect app and continue the conversation with the people (as anita.yuen  says) you meet after the event.  We tried this at Inside Track DC and for sure I remember two of the people I met as I started following them via SCN.

I want to thank all of this year's hosts/organizers of the SAP Inside Tracks I've attended either in person or virtually.