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Dell Boomi AtomSphere® revision history is one of the coolest Boomi features currently available. Boomi revision history, also referred as object versioning, allows you to retrieve previous component versions by date and time. This is extremely useful, not only as a backup feature, but it also allows you to see old and new versions side by side for comparison.

The screenshot below shows that you can find this feature in the lower right corner of each individual object.

This feature is handy for rolling back to a previous version of an object, and also extremely useful in case you accidentally delete an object. In the screenshot below, you can see an example of a referenced deleted object in red.

All you need to do to recover this deleted object is to click on “Edit Object,” and this will take you to the last version of the object.

Once the object has been opened, click on ”Save.” This will recover the object and it will now show in normal color.

What happens if you accidentally delete an entire folder? You can’t open the deleted object by editing it as shown above, because you can’t exactly edit a folder as an object.

Here is an image of my root folder and all the objects in it. I used to have a folder called “My accidentally deleted folder” but it is not showing anymore.

Here is a cool trick: Type “deleted:true” in the component explorer and press the Enter key.

Now you will see all the deleted components, including deleted folders.

Once you see it,  you  can open the individual objects and follow the instructions above to recover individual objects, or you can select the ”Restore Folder” option to restore all the items in ”My accidentally deleted folder.”

These types of features make development easier by removing some of the risk and delays caused by accidental deletions. Ease of development, isn't that one of the ideas behind an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)? 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks coming up soon! On twitter @Sebastian_lib

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