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My first exposure to SAP was SAP R2 in Basis (long time ago).

One of the role of my team was to monitor the SAP System performance.

The main KPI was Response Time per Dialog Steps.

Few years later despite all the technical evolutions of SAP solution (like SAP R3, ECC6 ...) the main KPI for performance still remains Response Time by Dialog Steps ... with ST03 / ST03N as a traditional source of information (and management decision :cry: )

The classical issue is the impact of release upgrade on the ST03N statistics.

Due to my non-IT engineering background I know for a while that the calculation done in ST03N is misleading (without enough time and relevant data to demonstrate it)

Few months ago I have found this old article which is in fact an outstanding summary of the challenge :

It illustrates why ST03N calculated data are "useless" according to the "maths".

There is a lot of SAP buzz the last few months / years around Big Data, Analytics (including Predictive), In Memory database, Data Visualization, Innovation.

Hence my frustration with the fact we have the same approach by SAP for more than 20 years on system performance.

It seems there is a unique opportunity for SAP to demonstrate how these buzz words could enable a step change with a case that everybody in IT could understand as it is independent from any business process. It could become an outstanding concrete marketing vehicle.

Data in STAD is the source of big data and an incredible asset (far beyond we can think : like real time monitoring as we do in some production industry).

If somebody from SAP is interested to understand further my thought on the potential innovation he/she can contact me.

This blog is a personal opinion and is not an official statement from my company.