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As a moderator on several of the Forums here on SDN, I read literally hundreds if not thousands of posts a week.  Perhaps I am also becoming a eddy.declercq/blog, but in the spirit of the Moving to Strict Rules to improve Quality and  Control and the Rules of Engagement I would like to express some of my pet peeves regarding the some of the posts I see in the Forums.


First I would like to say that there are many posts that are quite professional and helpful.  A great big thanks to those who take the time to make such posts.  You really make my (voluntary) job easier.

That being said, these are professional Forums, and there are a huge number of posts and posters that do not treat them that way.  The Forums are not a chat board and we are not SMS texting each other.  I am continually surprised at the general lack of respect for the readers of posts that the posters show.  Let me give some examples.


  • SPELL CHECK!!!  I understand that English is not the first language of many, if not most, SDN users.  The posting tool, however, has a neat little button to help out


    Please use this button before submitting your post!  I have seen many posts that are absolutely unreadable due to spelling errors that could have been easily corrected before the post was made.

  • USE COMPLETE WORDS!!!  Like I said above, the Forums are not a chat board and we are not SMS texting each other.  I continually see...uhh..."words" such as "u", "plz", "ur", "i", etc. in posts.  From "u" to "you" is only two keystrokes; "plz" to "please" only three; "ur" to "your" only two; and "i" to "I" simply means holding down the shift key!  I can understand the simplified language when typing on a phone and, in fact, I do it all the time myself when texting.  But we are not restricted in length like in SMS format and presumably all have full keyboards here.  Take advantage of them!  These shortcut words are borderline insulting to readers, especially when, as a moderator, I see them day after day after day.

Now, these may sound like petty complaints, but we are all supposed to be professionals, no?  Let me put it this way, would you write this way to your boss?  Asking for a job?

Or, more simply, if you don't take the time to make a professional post, why should we take our professional time to help?