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This Fm HRHAP_DOCUMENT_GET_DETAIL is very much useful in case reading an appraisal id data from ABAP HR performance appraisal templates. The input for this function module is appraisal id of that performance or Training or Review document.

With this data this function module will return complete template details which we can use later on to modify or change some data and save back to that SAP template.

Here I have run this function module via SE37 and provided an appraisal id. When executed it has returned many exporting tables with some data. Let’s explore these table’s data in details.

T_BODY_COLUMNS: This table stores the respected access column id based on actor. E.g. for employee there will be a specific column id and same for Manager. These are unique. In the below screen shot first column is the unique column id of every actor or action.

T_BODY_ELEMENTS: This table contains all the VA, VB and VC details of that template with unique Row_IID detail.

T_BODY_CELLS : This table stores the rating or proficiency data of every object/qualification of previous table. To access the exact record you need column_iid from T_BODY_COLUMNS and the row_iid from T_BODY_ELEMENTS (based on corresponding VB or VC). This will give a unique record. We can then access that record and modify or update as per requirement.

T_BODY_CELL_NOTES : Similar to T_BODY_CELLS we have to access this table with column_iid from T_BODY_COLUMNS and the row_iid from T_BODY_ELEMENTS. This table stores only the comments from various actors.

T_BODY_CELL_VAL_VALUES: This tables stores the description of ratings or proficiencies based on specific scale ids.

S_HEADER_STATUS: This structure will hold all the status and sub-status of that appraisal id.