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SAP is the reason why the software consumption has dramatically changed over time when it comes to enterprise-level usage of software. This created a new type of demand in software where users would like to gain quick and instant access to the software that they need to operate. This is also matched with their new demand to find more efficient apps that are easy to get used to, which is often called in tech terms as “adoption”. SAP is known to be capable of resolving various business issues such as multiple and distant orders for a product or service.

The amazing changes that SAP brought for businesses was further amplified by the capabilities and advantages of Software as a Service apps or SaaS. This is a type of service that users can subscribe through the means of an app that works fully on the cloud. A user who subscribes to an SaaS can access their cloud services in order to store certain files and save important data that they can use for their job. Even apps can be integrated to an SaaS for a more convenient experience for workers and business owners. It’s like serving people a well-prepared dish so then they can eat it immediately. Therefore, everyone can definitely say that SaaS is an extremely flexible application as it grants them easier access just by visiting the website they subscribed to.

But we now live in an era where we tend to fuse and update a lot of technologies upon further study. That’s why SAP is now integrating with SaaS. This causes SAP to provide their efficient business processes and technological expertise over the convenient access that an SaaS can provide. This causes Line of Business applications to become accessible in a very easy way through the means of a cloud service. Additionally, SAP is also going to provide an upgrade on SaaS in the most crucial business sectors of today to ensure a better market situation for all of them.

In order to completely do this step, SAP made sure that they will get acquisitions with several companies. The acquisitions and upgrade of all of the present and upcoming SAP applications as an SaaS app will surely provide a more powerful cloud infrastructure which focuses on a union of apps that can finally be accessible in just one place. This unified infrastructure is completely based on SAP HANA’s features. This causes companies from the small to the large sector to run all business procedures using a single cloud service, built as a user-friendly platform. This enables users to simply subscribe to SAP in order to access all of the tools they might need for any type of business procedure.

If you want to find out what companies SAP is currently partnering to develop a more powerful SaaS, then take note of the following and their respective business sectors:

SAP Cloud for Customers

The sector of consumers is what SAP will also focus via an SaaS application. This causes businesses to get real-time updates about the needs of their customers. This also gathers a customer-given information that helps businesses become more engaging. This portfolio is capable of providing an all-in-one service for handling commerce, marketing, sales and customers service - everything that’s related in boosting customer experience and relationships. This is a more advanced feature than CRM apps as the SAP Cloud for Customers can guarantee a very convenient means of handling all customers to boost business reputation.


Nowadays, numbers of contingent workers are working for various companies as its workforce. There are independent contractors, freelancers and trade workers. Despite their lack of permanence within their respective jobs, these professionals are constantly evolving their work methods. But this can be harder to manage over time especially when there is a need to track the right costs for the project. That’s where Fieldglass offers a range of options that can help an external contract workforce in getting the right payment for the job. This also lets businesses plan out the right workforce in a more accurate manner.


Concur is meant for handling visibility when spending and estimating travel budget and other expenses during the business trip. This ensures productivity and better means to save for further investments in the future. This also helps optimize invoice management to ensure that the business is actively working even if the business owner is busy doing trips to improve the company even further. These also provides an automated calendar system that develops expense reports as well.

Success Factors

This human resource solution is capable of organizing all kinds of HR procedures, handle the development of talents, and allows HR to become more engaging when handling employees. Success factors is definitely one of the main factors for a successful business as employees are valuable resources to the company, and they need to be maintained very well to ensure that they will work better for the sake of the business’s productivity.


Ariba is definitely living up to its name because it is launching a feature that enables a faster process over those business procedures that often require a paper to fully document and transact everything. The help of automated transaction through Ariba ensures that a lot of time will be saved when performing transactions while saving their expenses for paper for a more eco-friendly and somewhat cost-efficient solution. Ariba also makes connections with suppliers more efficient in order to combat the increasing workload and business orders due to the advancement of technology and data processing for businesses nowadays.

The following are just some of the examples that SAP wants to show to enterprise-level consumers (A.K.A. the businesses themselves who need a product or service such as an SaaS). As of now, there are at least 50 SAP SaaS applications that are widely being used by business owners, directors, chief officers and managers alike. This is the future of businesses because even business procedures need to be as convenient as what people are demanding when it comes to technology.