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In today's hectic minute-to-minute world people are relying more on their mobile devices to access the Internet and your website needs to keep up with this changing digital landscape. Voice search is also rapidly growing due to its convenience of use and its increased reliability. Less people are typing out their search terms and more individuals are using voice apps to conduct a search. For this reason, business owners must understand the differences between traditional search optimization and voice search optimization to improve their rankings.

It's time to get serious

Voice search isn't a craze that is going to passer us by anytime soon.  It's expected that 50% of the searches made by 2020 will be conducted using speech recognition technology. Right now, approximately 40% to 55% of adults and teens are using voice search daily and almost 20% of phone owners use Siri on a daily basis. It's time to get serious about this new trend and turn to an SEO company that is familiar with the need for change. Your website may depend on it.


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What makes voice search so attractive?

Individuals are becoming more comfortable using voice commands and this is partly due to the increased accuracy of these apps. Teenagers are especially drawn toward using voice searches and as this segment of the population begins to age the popularity of voice command will also increase. Adults too are making use of this search type since it's much easier to talk into a phone than to type in a search using a phone’s small letters.

This artificial intelligence is intriguing and can be viewed as a kind of personal assistant. It's exciting, accurate, easy to use and time-efficient. When you truly recognize the attraction and how many people are actually using voice commands, you'll understand the importance of getting your site optimized as quickly as possible.

How to SEO Your Website for Voice Search

There are different elements involved with a voice search and they must all be taken into account for SEO purposes. They include:

  • Longer search queries

  • More local searches

  • More use of question words

  • Searchers are looking for fast and direct answers.

A person that is searching for a great place to eat lunch in the downtown core of Toronto would typically type in something like “Toronto downtown restaurants" to find a list of places to eat. If the same person were to ask this question using a voice command it would sound more like "Where can I find a great place to eat lunch in downtown Toronto?" This is a much longer localized query that includes question words with the person looking for a direct answer. In this case, local Toronto SEO terms must be in place in order to have the listing show up for a voice search.

Long keyword phrases need to be addressed now more than they ever have been before. This concept brings a brand-new dimension to search engine optimization that has never been fully addressed up until now. An SEO company has to work towards optimizing a site for both traditional shorter text and for longer voice searches.

Stay ahead of your competition

In order to stay ahead of your competition, you need to be able to recognize the trends and act quickly once they have been spotted. Voice search is destined to shake things up for webmasters so be prepared for an explosion of this search type in the near future. It's not a question of whether this explosion will happen - it's just a matter of when.

You can gain the traction you need now to be fully prepared for the onslaught of longer keyword searches that are sure to arrive at your doorstep. There is no doubt about it. All websites will be affected by these changes no matter what products or services they may be offering.


The only way that a business can truly thrive in today's digital world is to recognize the trends and work with them in terms of product development, service implementation, and SEO technology. This is a fast-paced society and things can change quickly from one month to the next. Qode Media - a widely recognized SEO company, based in Canada - has been monitoring this new type of search and helps webmasters optimize their websites with long tail keywords while at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the site itself. All sites must come to terms with the growing use of voice technology in order to maintain and improve their Google listings.

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