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Hi ! We’re Kirstin, Denis, Hans, Oliver and Tobias from Microsoft and we’re very excited to join you for the InnoJam in Madrid. Further information about our participation can be found here. In our first post about Windows 8, we want to give you an overview about the new UI Experience.

The new design of Windows 8 creates a totally new user experience – Windows is reimagined: Windows Apps have a clean and open layout, focusing on the content and being designed for touch. Maybe you already have quite a good impression how Windows 8 and its Apps look like and work – if not I recommend you to watch the Introducing Windows 8 presentation which was given on Microsoft’s Build conference last year.

Now let’s focus on the principles and advantages of this new reimagined Windows 8 design. Watch the following movie to learn more about the 8 traits of great Windows 8 apps:

In short the key factors of the new user experience are:

  1. Windows 8 design style
  2. Be fast and fluid
  3. Snap and scale beautifully
  4. Use the right contracts
  5. Invest in a great tile
  6. Feel connected and alive
  7. Roam to the cloud
  8. Embrace Windows 8 principles

When developing your own Windows 8 App it is essential to follow these eight key points in order to create a great user experience and to make your App beautiful and successful.

In the next step we will get you ready: you will learn which tools are needed in order to set up your computer for development. Developing your first Windows 8 App is just a step away!