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"Thanks for a great buying experience."

When was the last time a customer thanked you for delivering a great buying experience?  You may be grateful for your customers’ business, but are they grateful for your way of doing business?

It’s important to show customers that you can engage with them early in their buying journey, understand their needs, and help them solve their challenges in new ways that deliver unique business value.Get ready for Thanksgiving with the New Rules of Customer Engagement--and find out how to create great buying experiences your customers will thank you for.

And Happy Thanksgiving from the SAP Cloud for Customer Team.


Ariane Lindblom is Senior Director, Sales Line of Business Product Marketing, SAP Global. Follow Ariane on Twitter @arianelindblom.

Rethink your sales strategy and create amazing customer experiences in 2014. Take a look at SAP’s customer engagement hub to see how.