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Departing a little from my typical SAP & BObj installations, this blog is about tweaking my real machine, and the Virtual Machine (VM) to support the increasing demands of "The Full Monty" Series.

As time progressed, and my VM got fatter, it became increasingly difficult and unreliable starting my NSP System. The problem lied with the limited amount of RAM I could give my VM via VirtualBox. I had 3GB on my machine, and the maximum VirtualBox will allow me to assign the VM, was half of that, so, 1.5GB. 

It was all well and good in the beginning, however, as the BObj Edge came on board, then Crystal, then Dashboard (Xcelsius), various Windows Services were installed and configured to automatically start. Unfortunately, these Services, fired programs, which occupied valuable RAM, so when I tried to start my NSP, I was getting low memory issues. Towards the end, I ended up with over 60 Windows Services started.

Before you continue, PLEASE BACKUP YOUR MACHINE. I did inadvertantly slow my machine down, trying to tune it, but, was able to begin again, because I had a backup.

I eventually discovered the Service " AuthenTec Fingerprint Service" that I understand is specific to my machine, was the cause of slowing the whole system down, when I set it to "Manual".

I would suggest you make changes, one Service at a time, re-boot, and check everything still works.

Real Machine

I checked on the Internet, to see any Windows 7 Services that "Automatically" started, were not required. I set them to "Manual" Startup type.

Here's a list of Windows Services I disabled.


 Windows Update wuauserv
 Windows Firewall MpsSvc
 Program Compatibility Assistant Service PcaSvc
 Windows Media Player Networking Sharing Service WMPNetworkSvc
 Windows Defender WinDefend
 PowerSavingUtilityService PowerSavingUtilityService
 Smart Card SCardSvr









To change a Windows Service, simply navigate to the Windows "Start" button, and enter the text "services.msc", then press enter


double click the service to enter into it's properties


change the "Startup type" to "Manual". Note, you may have to "Stop" the Service first


"Apply" or "OK", exit, and perform the same steps for each Service.

Virtual Machine

I naturally change the Windows Services in my VM, as I had my real machine. Then I went on to change some more Services from "Automatic" to "Manual".

Here are the SAP NSP Services

 Display Service
 XServer  XServer 
 SAP DBTech-NSP (slow) MAXDB:  NSP (slow)
 SAP DBTech-.M770607 MAXDB:  .M770607
 MAXDB:  .M770607 (slow) SAP DBTech-.M770607 (slow)

Here are the BObj Services

 Display Service
 Apache Tomcat 5.5.20 BOE120Tomcat
 Server Intelligence Agent (PC) BOE120SIAPC


Batch Files

To make life easier, I created two batch files I could use to "Start" and "Stop" the Services for my "Full Monty" environment. So these files exist in the VM.

The order of the Services that are started and stopped is important.

The Service "BOE120BWPublisher", must be started manually, as I do not know how to created a dependency for this service to start only after a successful start of the SAP NSP System.

When powering down the VM, it is always a good idea to stop the Services before, so I created a corresponding batch file "Stop.bat".


I used Windows Notepad to create a file called "Start.bat", which contained the following lines

net start xserver
net start saposcol
net start sapnsp_00
net start "sap dbtech-nsp"
cd c:\usr\sap\NSP\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386
startsap name=nsp nr=00

net start BOE120Tomcat
net start BOE120MySQL
net start BOE120SIAPC
#net start BOE120BWPublisher    ;manually start when NSP is up



I used Windows Notepad to create a file called "Stop.bat", which contained the following lines

net stop BOE120BWPublisher
net stop BOE120SIAPC
net stop BOE120MySQL
net stop BOE120Tomcat

cd "c:\usr\sap\NSP\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386"
stopsap name=nsp nr=00
net stop "sap dbtech-nsp"
net stop sapnsp_00
net stop saposcol
net stop xserver



Simply navigate to where you have saved the files, and double click them accordingly. A DOS box will open, run the commands, and close.

For example, below is a screen shot of "Start.bat", nearing the end. The DOS box, closed automatically.


Make sure you give the SAP NSP System time to finally turn Green. You can check this in the MMC. When the NSP is finally Green, you can manually execute the "BW Publisher Service 12", as usual, from within the BObj CCM.


There is no need to be concerned with the CCM Service "WinHTTP Web Proxy ..."

Now, "The Full Monty" Environment, is all ready



I stopped the Services before closing down the VM, by clicking the "Stop.bat" file. Again, the DOS box appears, running the commands


Sometimes, a Service takes longer than expected, to end and a message appears, e.g. "Service is not responding ..." This was nothing to worry about.

All the Services finally ended, and I could close my VM.