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On behalf of, Tanja Zboril, Program Manager OpenText

HR as a business partner

In recent years, HR departments have evolved from a purely administrative role to become a strategic corporate function generating added value. The service philosophy still largely defines the work of the HR department. Providing the best possible service in an advisory role to internal customers (managers and staff) is fundamental. Top management also expects HR to make a strategic contribution to projects, to increase profitability through higher productivity or better organization structures, for example.

Strategies for staff development and motivation or organisational change, innovative ideas for talent management, and assistance with change management projects are on the list of priorities for all today’s HR departments. These increased expectations of today’s HR department cannot be met by increasing the headcount. The additional tasks generally have to be covered by the same number of employees. You can only escape this dilemma

if you can reduce the time taken for administrative activities, or move them elsewhere.

So why not take a closer look at the procedures in your HR department:

  • What tasks and activities do your staff have to repeat constantly?
  • How long does this take?
  • Do you spend a lot of time looking for information and returning calls to managers and staff, because you do not have all the details at your fingertips?
  • Do you have to “pull together” information from multiple IT systems and paper files?

From the administrative to the strategic HR department

The latest solutions for staff management already offer many ways of reducing administrative tasks to slim down and speeding up your HR processes.

But you still have to maintain paper files alongside your staff data. This means that you cannot have access and view all the data and documents at the same time and in a unified way. In order to answer questions from managers or employees, HR administrators still have to resort to time-consuming searches.

Managing deletions from personnel files is also a tedious manual process, and subject to strict legal requirements. Adhering to these rules (compliance) reduces the legal risks to your company. Open Text Employee File Management for SAP® Solutions, the digital personnel file from Open Text, is the ideal solution.

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