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Onboarding Tips and Tricks

The Onboarding system has three steps that take the organization through the necessary information to get their employee’s onboarded.

Any of the step titles can be changed to make more sense for your organization, but Success Factors calls the first step the Post Hire Verification step, because this happens as soon as the employee has been selected out of the recruiting system as the one to be hired for the selected position.

When the data comes from Recruiting into Onboarding, by default, it will be assigned to the hiring manager. This is determined by the mapping from the requisition in Recruiting. If this is not done, or you are not using the integration from recruiting and the system does not have a clear user to assign the activity to, it will assign to the first user in the group that has permissions to the step.  To alleviate this, you can configure a specific user or a generic user and have the step be auto assigned to that user.

After the post hire verification step has been completed by a hiring manager, recruiter or HR admin, the second step is activated. This is the New Employee Step and is completed by the new employee. They are notified via email of the link to access and are taken in the onboarding system to complete a variety of forms and panels with employee information such as contact information, emergency contacts, W4 and Direct Deposit information, etc.

During this process, there are times when a standard message appears to the employee, such as the below:

These messages can be changed. This is done via Super Admin, Import/Export Settings, Localization Resources. The file is an xml file that is downloaded. Then you find the message you want primarily by looking for the line with the existing verbiage, then change to what you would like it to say, then reimport. Please note, only the verbiage shown above in blue can be changed, the black text above the sign forms button is hard coded and cannot be changed.

The final step is the orientation step. This is usually done when the employee shows up for work on their first day. The reason being because this is when the HR admin meets the employee and reviews their I9 paperwork along with their ID to make sure they are both valid. You can change when this step is completed by determining when the notifications are sent to the required participants.

When working with notifications, some things to keep in mind are the following:

If there is no email verbiage in the email section, the notification will not be sent:

Something else to consider, if you don’t add any groups on the monitoring tab:

No one but the assignee will be able to see the notification. This is important for the manager wizard since there is no other way to see the notification if you are not the manager.


When the onboarding process ends and reminder notifications are still active they will be executed even after process completion. To change this, select Cancel reminder when process ends to cancel the reminder upon process completion. But please note, this also will cancel all tasks still outstanding in the dashboard, which might still be needed depending on the task, so be careful!

While there is a lot of configuration and administration outside of these 3 areas, this gives you a little insight and assistance that will help you while you begin your Onboarding implementation.