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Regardless of what programming language they use, all developers should be interested in improving the quality of their code.  There are a variety of tools available to perform code analysis - Sonar is one such tool.

Sonar is an open source platform that enables you to analyze your code quality. The tool has a variety of plug-ins already available including Java (which is build-in), Groovy, PHP, etc.  

I first saw the tool after discovering it at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) where there is a Sonar site for Apache projects.

I thought it was an amazing community project and was surprised to see that the project was looking to build an ABAP plugin.

I think it would be awesome if the SCN Community could support this effort - it might do much to improve the quality of ABAP code.

Now, I have no idea what coding rules / conventions exist in the ABAP world or how Sonar could tap into the ABAP code repositories but I’m confident that the ABAP community could provide this information.