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From 31/01/2013 of January until today (30/12/2014) I'm and active contributor of SCN, I try to help SCN members and help the SCN space, Why? Well, it's been 5 years of using SCN as source of information, so I'm pretty grateful.

Of course you can be an active contributor, but that doesn't mean you are a good meber, right? My top values be a good member are:

  • Opening a discussion, blog, etc.
    • Search before posting.
    • Think about if is a basic question.
    • Provide feedback.
  • Contributing in open discussion, blog, etc.
    • Alert the moderator if the discussion doesn't follow the ROE.
    • Don't just focus on the problem solver hero attitude, some questions are not pointing to the right path, don't help the OP to push the red button.
    • Acknowledge blogs, documents which are useful.

In this almost two years, the most shocking part of be involved in the problems of other members is the lack of feedback, I'm not focusing on the beloved points, most of the cases the discussion drifts, "helloooooooo, anyyyyybodyyyyy there? I just spend some time to help youuuuuu, it helped? it worked? how did you solved it? did you die trying?"

This is the side of SCN which makes me really grumpy and to be honest, hard to handle, here comes the stats:

  • Total discussions where I been involved: 418
  • Discussion has the right answer, that doesn't mean the discussion must be close, that meas if you read it, it's close :smile:
  • Discussion doesn't have the right answer, no one knows how to solve it (candidate to the Solvedbymyslef category)
  • Discussion without any feedback from the OP, some answers can be marked as helpfull, but you can't know how the issue was solved (candidate to the Solvedbymyslef category): 197
  • "Shut up and do my Job", the OP just throws questions, no search, no fight, just do it for me, please (candidate to the Solverbymyself category)
  • Solvedbymyself, the OP closes the threat with the "Solved by myself"  sentence, so you can't know how the issue was solved

Another point of view: