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Another year of successful SAP Inside Track has rolled on by, and its hard labor bears fruit!

For those of you who do not know what the Inside Track is, it is a Saturday event, usually from 9 to 17, where speakers get half an hour to talk about the subjects that they find interesting. It is a grass-root community event that is hosted all over the world where the current SAP related topics and experiences and are discussed. This means that there are no sales-pitches and talks, no one is representing their companies – it is a purely personal and nonformal experience! Morten and I are happy to have KMD host the premises and food in Denmark just outside of Copenhagen.

With a great attendance of about forty people from both inside and outside of KMD, we had visitors traveling to Denmark from Germany, Switzerland and even as far as Spain! Some even brought their child along, too. With the reoccurring concept of #Hygge, the Danish Inside Track has many social breaks between the talks, as well as combining technical with nontechnical sessions along the day, to make it interesting for all attendees!

As a Danish tradition, we served Smørrebrød at lunch and had beers at the end of the day, too. It was an absolute hit, and the food was spot on delicious!

Inside Track is geeky too, of course, and in the spirit of May the 4th, we celebrated Star Wars day with excellent cupcakes made by our own baker here at KMD! Who chose the light side, and who chose the dark side? Surprisingly there was an equal amount of cakes eaten on each side, so this time we managed to uphold the balance. Some even rivaled the Star Wars theme by showing allegiance to Star Trek. Heresy i say!

A cross-national community is so important to us because they help us get up to date with important news. We get to swap stories and experiences about how we can better our projects, listen to new technology talks from others and inspire each other with different perspectives. Five SAP Mentors supported the Event - it was great to get hear their topics and get scoops on the future of SAP.


To see the line up with full descriptions of the talks, hop on over to the Wiki page!


We implore you to join us next year! [Saturday, May 2nd 2020]