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It is really a great pleasure to be part of the SIT event. It all started as a community day in 2010 and then it evolved as a Inside track.I still remember the early day of the community day in Bangalore with craig cmheill abesh somnath and many more.I used to travel to Bangalore to attend the Community day and Inside track.

In 2012 the SAP Inside track was held in different places and chennai also made its first ever SAP event.

In 2014 when i got another opportunity to organize the event along with the other community member like @Mahesh kumar CV , ganesh, swaroop and others.

This event was one of the best SIT as it was very well organized with the huge support of our sponsors TATA consultancy services.

I reached the venue around exactly around 8.30 Am and the reception that i received from the security and the preparedness that had made at the entrance itself clearly indicated that this is going to be a great event

Every participant was checked for their enrollment and then guided to the separate counter to collect their KIT - which had a Badge/ Agenda/ Feedback form etc.

The campus / auditorium / seminar halls all excelled in the infrastructure and the Volunteers where on High spirits to receive the delegates( that's how it was printed in the badge- this shows the respect) and guide then from the beginning till the end of the event.

The event had 3 tracks 1) Functional 2 )Technical 3)Analytical.

we started the event with the welcome by mahesh kumar , explaining the Track details by myself and the dos' and don't by Ganesh.

After this every one moved to their respective tracks. All the tracks were on time and we had 10 sessions in each track. The speakers were also equally charged like the participants. All the sessions were organized well. It had a setup time of 5 mins, 30 Mins for  speaker and 5 mins for the Q&A.

The Sessions started from 10:15 am and lasted till the 5.30 Pm in 3 different tracks.

The sponsors were kind enough to give a memento to each one of the speaker at the end of the session.

The sessions were in different ranges from Hana, Agile, Mobile, Big data, Supply chain etc.

The after noon meal in the saravana bhavan challenged every one to beat the post lunch syndrome. But the topics and the speakers engaged every one it was like a very fresh sessions.

Post the sessions we had a networking session and the prize distribution for the top speakers , volunteers, organizers.

The event ended well with the group photo session.

As part of the organizing team, i really appreciate all the volunteers who have worked along on the able leadership of Mahesh, Deepak, Nilesh in executing such a huge event in a very successful way.

This has raised the expectations / bench mark levels of the SAP Inside track and surely we will cross them every year. As we are the one set the records and then break them too..

well done guys !!

I also like to thank all the participants / speakers coming across from different places/ States/ countries and making this a great success.