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This post is a translation of the original post in Portuguese.

The SAP Inside Track Belo Horizonte 2018 was the first one in the State of Minas Gerais. And was the first event we did inside a client that supported us, helped us in the content curation, and provided us, besides the auditorium, a training room with all the infrastructure we needed. For that we’d like to thank Eid Haddad, that assumed the mission to be our local organizer along with our sponsors. We’d also like to thank Luis Magaldi, ArcelorMittal’s CIO, helping us with the key note’s speaking (and besides that he told us he was a SD consultant in the beginning of his career).

One of the lessons we learned with this SAP Inside Track showed us is the importance of getting to see so many clients inserted and participating on the community events: YES, there is a community for clients that goes way beyond ASUG. Many clients have come to us thanking us for the initiative, and they have invited us to other events in other states – considering Brazil’s continental dimensions, it is important to imagine the space we have to explore, and keep taking the community’s and SAP message inside Brazil

This is my eighth SAP Inside Track, and I have never seen so many participants, questions and interaction between public and main speakers. Real relevant interactions, that showed all the interest about everything that was being presented at those moments.

And talking about interest and problem-based learning, we had opened 35 spots for a SAP Built hands-on, ministered by amanda.protasio and 35 spots for “Create your first UI5 app”, ministered by 319481ee5c07417784f1f1ae49b6371f. They sold out in one day, e considering the after-event comments we left BH with the feeling that SAP Inside Track Belo Horizonte was really transforming for a group of people that ended up the day trained and ready to start using their UI5 and BUILD.


Now let’s talk about the seminars: they were all about innovation. Another huge accomplishment for us was receiving new speakers, that have not participated in other community events, and now they brought up great topics, aggregating a lot of quality to the event.

glaucio.coutinho presented the experience of self-management access using GRC, and Sergio Bonin presented the supply chain processes with ARIBA. Having new speakers is always a good thing!

eid.haddad speech was all about IFRS15 processes with S/4HANA

2f735baee86f4b59a7e6f19c5506058f spoke about Brazilian localization scenarios in Cloud.

karen.rodrigues2 gave a speech about TDF and Reinf

rafael.guimbala brought innovation to a new perspective

And along with me presented the TM 9.5 embedded – and we ended up using 13 minutes of the next speech

I’ve used an advanced statistic way to estimate the amount of people in the crowd: counting one by one. When I got to 128 I gave up counting and there are many that were still missing. FIY, 37% of the crowd was composed by women 🙂

PrimeTS was also a sponsor and they gave us the structure and an impressive local support. Thank you so much, everything worked out in a great way!

Now, thinking about goals and achievements, #SITBH was all we were expecting:

  • We brought new people to the community, that were able to show and replicate all their knowledge in a positive way

  • We were able to get closer to our clients with a strong and solid message of innovation

  • We qualified a group of people that will now be able to spread and replicate innovating tecnologies

  • We reinforced the concept of community in a new place, that is a strong industrial pole with a great amount of companies that use SAP

  • We showed up opportunities and solutions to leading companies in their own sectors, those being mainly steel mill, mining, automotive, and food companies.

Everytime an Inside Track ends there is a question that we need to answer ourselves: What was absorbed by us from this event? And in this case the answer was simple. We were able to plant a seed that will continue growing in the next few years, and we reinforced a community that will not only keep passing the message from SAP, but that will transform “SITBH” from a five letters word to a commitment to the community.

We’ve created a monster. Nothing can stop SITBH now!

Innovation for thought!