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Today was the SAP Inside Track São Paulo - Developers, with some changes in the format and the schedule. All changes were very good and maybe will continuous for the next events. The buddies said that new schedule with interval between the sessions, in order to increase and reinforce the network and relationship between the developers transformed this event in one of the most amused.

The first session with bruno.lucattelli  presenting the new trends and best practices to 2018 was really awesome. He got a little bit of open source, 2 spoons of Hana, one tablet of node.js and one pinch of UI5 and ... eureka! all works together. For me, that have mainly functional profile, with interest in technical side (with limitations...) seemed complex, complete and not so easy 🙂

After that jose.nunes  and I presented the BOPF concepts and how important and relevant is our colleagues acquire this competence, especially because the TM is coming (faster with 1709). If there is a correct hashtag for this session would be #BOPFarmyIsComming. On time, I need to say to jose.nunes  thank you for our partnership. As usual, you are a real SAP Developer Hero and made this week that we worked together easy and productive.

On time, thank you for who took the picture. Looks "The Fat and The Thin".

Our colleague lsubatin presented HANA XS Advanced and she wake up the curiosity in everybody that watch the remote presentation. Probably, the Hana XS download will grow here from Brazil.

Well, the blockchain session, with raquel.pereiradacunha  and Robson Rocha raised one message; blockchain is not a technological challenge, or a buzzword. Blockchain is, maybe, the tool that will empower and release the people to recreate the business rules, relationship and cultural rules. Sincerely, now that the technical side is stable and solved, Blockchain is much more to sociological and philosophical theme, than technological challenge.

The people behavior when they create your own money, own contracts and follow your own rules (and of course, drove by a virtual state with virtual agreements) is a mystery... How they could create your own society, structured over on a free agreement, all then based on direct negotiation, without "hidden hand"?

And, the last session that I watched was the IoT protocol presented by Fernando Pena (sorry Fernando I don’t found your SCN profile) to explain the difference between protocols for connect sensors. Specially for me, a functional consultant, was really rich materialize in examples what I only read in articles.

In the event had other talks and relevant content, but unfortunately I was only be in one place at a time, failed to keep up with everything 😞

All SAP Inside Track is good to find friends, toke a happy hour with our ecosystem and learn a little bit more. But, without any effects phrase, this #SIT was different for me, when I leaved my functional comfort zone, to create a technical content with José Nunes. I studied, visited old concepts and, together we created a rich presentation to help our ecosystem and spread the message that is mandatory learn BOPF. This was our mission for today.

This is a part of our ecosystem, this is a partnership between colleagues, this is a part our community.

Innovation for thought!

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