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It begins like a regular Saturday morning, however, what it turned out at the end was remarkable and a memorable Saturday. I am talking about SIT Noida 2014 event @ Amity University.

SAP communities are the backbone of SAP's growth and revenue and platform like SIT events provide an opportunities to local SAP community to discuss and share knowledge. It was a really a day where we have shared our experiences and gained knowledge by engaging into various discussions.

The event began on a lighter node with breakfast and Lamp Lightening Ceremony. For those who are not aware of this ceremony, it plays a vital role in Indian Culture. The lamp here signifies knowledge and as we enlightens the lamp and as it illuminates we are pushing the ignorance and imprudence away and gaining the wisdom and knowledge in our thoughts.

The event was divided into three tracks and I have a special interest in Analytics, so I decided to attend that track. I had also presented a session on leveraging Social Media Platform in Decision Making using SAP HANA.

The track begins with the an excellent session on SAP Predictive Analysis and InfinteInsight  by Saurabh Thukral. The session was really good and we explored some of the new offerings from SAP in Predictive Analysis space.

The next session I was really waiting to hear as it was about Real-time business with the SAP HANA platform for Big Data by Anil Kumar Damara. The session briefly highlights the big data capabilities of SAP HANA and touched almost all aspects of SAP HANA. Many congrats to Anil on getting the Top Speaker award.

We skipped few sessions on this track and attended one from Technical ( ABAP on HANA ) and Functional Track ( SAP C4C Easy and Manageable for SaaS based CRM Solution ). Both the sessions were really knowledgeable and we also got a new insight of SAP HANA capabilities.

It was a wonderful experience in speaking about my topic. I want to share what all the things we have done or we can do by leveraging Social Media and SAP HANA platform.

Through out the event, what I like most is the passion and energy level of Amity students. I salute to their hospitality and event management skills. Also a special thanks to mahesh.kumar8 and kumarmayuresh for organizing such a wonderful event in sprawling campus of Amity University.

The closing ceremony was quite unimaginable. Networking session, Dance performances and music really mad the day. Finally the moment comes for declaring the Top 3 Speakers from each track. I am happy to secure third place in Analytic track :smile:

Overall, I can say that a Saturday very well spent with peers and discussing business problems and sharing knowledge.

Looking forward for many more such events in Noida.