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As we approach towards to end of the year, we had amazing Sap Inside Track event in Istanbul. We are gaining new experiences year by year but i could say that this year was magnificent. One of the attractive point was we exceed the number of attendees more than possible we imagine. This means our community is growing every year.

We had opportunities to give some gifts to attendees by sponsors. This increased the excitement of event more and more :smile:

In addition, our topics were also lighten to audiences. Most of them based on new and current SAP technologies.

Here some snaps from sessions :smile:

Superior role was abdulbasit.gulsen on the event. He talked about UI&UX technologies. Clearly, explained roadmap of SAP on UX technologies.

My topic was about HANA Cloud Integration. How to easly integrate Cloud based Application on-premise to on-demand.

IoT technology from ridvan.polat. He shared his knowledge about how to connect IoT devices to SAP HCP.

Rest of the sessions were the following topics,

SAP UX Strategyabdulbasit.gulsen news and updates about SAP's UX Strategy
SAP Splash and BUILDsozcanDesign for Non-Designers
S/4HANASarhan Polatateş
Applied Big Data Problem
"Omics data and Personalized Healthcare"
Uğur CandanWe will walk over what SAP is doing in the field of Genomics and how personalized medicine is empowered by SAP HANA in different use cases.
SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration)Tahir ÖzThis session will be about Hana Cloud Integration and a small demo
Send Your Sensor Data to SAP HANA Cloud Platform with IoT Servicesridvan.polatThis session will be a live demo of configuring HCP IoT Services for Raspberry Pi and sending sensor data to pre-build Fiori App.
Industry 4.0Mehmet GökNew business models in the Internet age
ABAP on HANAtolga.polat

Thanks to ridvan.polat we had a great logo and stickers.

I was one of lucky person to have this book and it was honour to get it from Abdulbasıt :smile:

At the end of the day i heard that this event should happen more and more. And also it should be in other cities of Turkey as well. Local events will be more and on different business lines in 2016.

Special thanks for the attendees for encouraging us to make such organizations happen. Furthermore, special thank to abdulbasit.gulsen and rest of the organizers and speakers.

We are going to set new SAP Meetups for the future events and this is not the end :smile:


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