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Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

                                                                                                                                    Peter Drucker

A famous exerts from Peter Drucker a famous American business consultant who has been described as the “The founder of the modern management”. At Bengaluru, the electronic city of India witnessed same on action on Nov15.Yes!! Absolutely it was a day of self-awareness in terms of our SAP knowledge in various fields ranging from ERP, cloud, mobility, HANA, Big data…list is never ending. Emphasizing mahesh.kumar8 point once again “Do a six month Google you will end up half the knowledge you got on Nov 15.Why so???.Even for the past 4 SIT's am also wondering. The commitment, hard work and mutual understanding between communities, organizers, volunteers& partners makes SITs a success events across the globe. Driven by the community, Driven for community & Driven towards community makes it so noble one.Hunger&thirst for knowledge drives us forward…. Thanks to overwhelming response of the 295 participants who made this event a grand success and credit goes to community.

Venue:-> TCS Pioneer Campus, Bangalore



Thanks to TCS for providing such a marvelous facilities for the smooth conduct of the event.


The event kick started at 9.55AM with a welcome speech from mahesh.kumar8 . Due to initial hiccups in facilities the event started 10 mins delayed which forced Mahesh to cut down his speech to a little. But he took extreme care to deliver the essence to the participants. One thing was sure Nov 15 is going to offer something unusual to all in search of their knowledge. In between suvonkar.bashak  is awarded as the “Star of SIT”, a pillar man of Sits success across all years. It was a great inspiring journey from Suonkar who have attended 5 Sits back to back is something quite inspiring to all of us out there. The event witnessed some key personalities in SCN including jitendrakumar.kansal,SCN Mentor,krishna.tangudu,vivekbhoj,midhun.vp,kumud.singh,viru48,ganeshmahadevan.v3..list is longlasting…..


The event was conducted in 3 separate auditoriums as we have 3 tracks comprising of Technical, Functional & Analytics. Analytics @ Main Auditorium,Technical@Rishi & Functional@Brahma. The participants were presented with a knowledge "rich" agenda.

Check out the Agenda @ SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2014 - Agenda

Really confusing which one to attend as I can see my favourite sessions is running parallel throughout...Yes!! I guarantee that was feeling of most who attended Bengaluru SIT.I bet you if disagree :razz: .Don’t worry we got you covered..Our  have prepared a comprehensive document explaining the session summary and materials.Thanks for consolidating the same.More to know more about what sessions and what happened in each...

check out the viswanatha.reddy2 blog  SIT Bengaluru 2014 - Speaker Session Summary & Slide Decks

Sessions got started 5 mins delayed speakers we given special instructions to makeup the time with no compromise on quality.


The sessions were given a tough time for speakers too as the level of participation and interest shown by delegates forced them to deliver their contents on the top gear. It was great to see a lot of delegates asking more practical & content oriented questions which of course raised the sessions to a higher level. Yes!! that is what a community event can bring to you…You are free to ask and get yourself clarified to minute extents. Presence of lot of young aspiring start up entrepreneurs who are in the process of molding their organizations dedicating to cloud & mobility were also Present. I use this opportunity to wish them all the best for their ventures from the bottom of my heart.

A brunch tea has been served around 11.30AM just to give more opportunity to network and fun.


It was hard to pull back guys again to floor as most of them were in serious discussions with speakers. The sessions resumed by 11.40AM.

TCS showed their class again by serving the participants with a sumptuous meal. I got an opportunity to share some moments with lively arun.rajamani,midhun.vp&monikandan.p while having lunch.


Post lunch session started by 2.00 PM as per the agenda. The heavy lunch didn't break the momentum as delegates continued to be more attentive.


SAP Press Books for sale!!!!

There was a dedicated store running parallel to the show where they had a huge collection of SAP press books available on sale. It was a pleasure to share that most of them used this opportunity to a great extent.  


  Session closing ceremony started by Mahesh at 5.30PM where he announced the official magical number”295” ooh..a decent number on a busy weekend @Bengaluru..Audience witnessed a collection of mementos&medals on stage just before the start of the event.


    Eager to read more about the presentation highlights…check out the blog  An Event to remember - #SITBLR 2014: Highlights

Noble SAP labs speakers

It was a great sight for the community events as speakers from SAP labs unanimously decided to withdraw themselves for the Top 3 speakers contest in prospect of encouraging SAP partners to come up and deliver. Special Thanks to arun.rajamani,padmashree.b ranju.gupta,gopalakrishnan.ramachandran,midhun.vp,giridharan.somaskandan2,Paneer to take this decision.


   Top Speakers

The top speakers are valuated based on the delegate’s feedback and top 3 winners are identified for each track.

Lucky Draw

End of the day if you can take some goodies back home and show it to your family just by attending??Yes!! we got covered you in that too..Only thing you need is a bit of luck. A lucky draw was conducted in front of audience. I wish I had a lucky charm :smile: .Hmmm..Congrats to Winners...


Chief Guest

Uma Maheshwaran,honourable Vice president from SAP Labs,Banglore was the chief guest of the day. Such an inspiring person who have even addressed some key notes on coming SAP TechEd too, an event every SAP enthusiast is want to be a part. Want to learn more about SAP TechEd visit this  space…SAP TechEd

Organizing Team.

Led by Mr.Mahesh,no words to describe him..Simply superb and a born leader.His series of success SIT stories continues day to day.Iam not taking a risk to describe Mahesh here as it will be more or like describing Sit event in India It was my great honour to be a part of Maheshs team for past 3 SITs.…In addition to Mahesh Bengaluru SIT have a wonderful team behind. Presence of Mr. jitendrakumar.kansal- the master Brain of SIT Bengaluru also an emerging leader in SCN space,a true humble and extraordinary genius in mobility space. In addition we got Mr.vivekbhoj HANA distinguished Engineer from India,..Presence of local boy viswanatha.reddy2 who took all the responsibility in coordinating with TCS facilities was also a remarkable one. No word to describe Mr. Security of SITs..the Star of SIT Mr. suvonkar.bashak operating from banglore was handling the marketing via Facebook,Twitter and make sure SIT Bengaluru travels a lot.



Presence of Experienced and veterans krishna.tangudu,kumud.singh,ganeshmahadevan.v3,midhun.vp,shashidhar.kothapally,Naresh added proper guidance and support to the team.

SIT Bengaluru with 295 participants, 30 speakers, 11 organizers and many more volunteers along with TCS made it possible.. :smile: :smile: :smile: ...



      Design Posters


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