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Thanks every one for making the SIT finance stream very resourceful and interactive. I hope we learned something.

We had around 25 people attended the finance stream . We had the session kicked off by Deloitte Directors followed by an insightful speech by Uma Maheswaran from SAP India about Digitalization and how the consultants should be prepared for change. We started the first session by 10:30 AM. We had a series of interesting topics around the latest innovations of SAP ranging from introduction of S/4 HANA to all the way till how can the organizations benefit from the upgraded closing cockpit with state of the art real-time analysis tools made available through smart business cockpits for closing.

In the first session, we started with a point of view by Mr. Cedric from Deloitte consulting about proactive collections management by leveraging the dispute and credit management. During this session we elaborately discussed about how could the organizations benefit from combining the collections, credit and dispute management rather than using the collection management in silo. 

During the second session, Mr. Yoganand from Deloitte Consulting, described about the new trends in the collections and payments management using XML formats in compliance with the CGI standards. He further described further about how this further help organizations in minimizing their TCO by maintaining one standard format rather than working through multiple formats such as BAI2, NACHA, EDI etc.

The third session was co-presented by Mr. Nagendra & Ms. Sivaphani from Deloitte consulting. This session threw light on the new offering of central finance. The speakers provided an overview of the evolution of S/4 HANA and details about the central finance functionalities and the business cases on which customers are more suitable to implement central finance without disrupting the existing system landscape and still benefit from the S/4 HANA finance capabilities.

After the lunch break, the fourth session was presented by Mr. Vishal from Deloitte consulting on IBP (Integrated business planning). This covered key features of IBP and the comparison of its features with BPC, different planning functions offered by IBP and how can the organizations benefit from these new offerings.

The fifth session was on Financial close with closing cockpit delivered by Ms. Priyanka from Deloitte consulting.  The session covered various challenges facing the organizations on the month end close and how the closing cockpit coupled with the S/4 HANA smart business cockpit can help overcome these challenges. Also discussed was the smart business cockpit for closing, which offers very intuitive Fiori apps that help monitor the overall close process and can help organizations close their books much faster.

The last topic of the day was on retail powered by IOT by Mr. Pavan Kumar from SAP Labs. He took us through a very interesting insights around IOT and the role it plays in digitalization and how the organizations can leverage the benefits.

I must say that all in all we had a wonderful group of energetic participants due to which the sessions were very interactive. Finally, we wrapped up the last session at about 4:30 PM.