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It was a great experience to attend SIT Noida. The venue was beautiful Amity Campus, Noida. I reached there at sharp 08:30 AM, as usual being MOM’s disciplined boy :neutral: . It was a nice hosting by Amity guys; they were really on their toes and helping everyone. Their cordial nature and warm hospitality made us quite comfortable and we were ready to speak our hearts out.

I was honored to be one of the speaker’s at this great event. It was an electrifying experience for me when I shared my technical experience on “Consuming OData Service of NW Gateway in SAPUI5”. It was the first experience to be in live with so many enlightened minds, who really command a great height in this arena.

Being a passionate technical consultant, I was the part and parcel of “Technical Track”, where I was the speaker as well. The event kicked off by the lighting of the lamp by the guests and a beautiful classical dance performance by the Amity student.

The sessions of krishnakumar.s and sangita.purkayastha were highly appreciable. They shared commendable sessions on HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), HANA XS and interwoven of SuccessFactor in HCP or extending SuccessFactor using HCP, all the topics covered are the great area of interest now. So it was great pleasure to take deep dive with the, experienced mentors like them and understand the nitty-gritty of the subject itself from the subject matter experts. I have various questions in my mind, and Krishana responded them patiently IN the session and OFF the sessions as well. I really become great fan of  krishnakumar.s and his deep understanding on the subject. I am extremely thankful krishnakumar.s, sangita.purkayasthafor giving positive encouragement.

The presentation of hasan.rafiq on ABAP HANA tools for Eclipse, was simply awesome, his style of presenting was recommendable. The beauty of his session was that, he made good old Eclipse easy and understandable with the ABAP flavor.

The interactive session of mahesh.kumar8 was also very appreciable. He gave good understanding on Big Data. It was an extremely interesting, informative session which showed us that there are still new areas to be explored.

Use-case implementation experience on SAP Business Suit integration with Mobile using OData service of KPIT team was also nicely presented. They discussed in-depth the issues faced at hand and how they troubleshoot them.

And finally all the sessions of Vikalp Solution team, were good and very informative. They shared very good understanding on all the topics. All the topics has been explained very well in a limited time slot, and moreover they showed end-to-end live demonstration in the sessions on “Consumption of OData Service in SAPUI5”, “How to develop rapid Mobile Solution Using SMP2.3” and “Setting up SMP on AWS”.

In SIT through Technical track I have learned a lot on Different Topics. For me it was a great memorable day, speaking in public has always given me shivers, but the people who encouraged me behind the curtain were the reason I came out well. There was a lot to take-away.

I am thankful to mahesh.kumar8 and kumarmayuresh for  contributing and organizing such an beautiful event.

The schedule of sessions in SIT was as follows:

It is good that we (SCN community) got the platform where, passionate community members stepping forward to share their learning, many thanks again mahesh.kumar8 and kumarmayuresh the entire credit goes to you.

Let’s grow together.

Kudos to all the speakers!!! :smile:

Warm Regards