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Increasing sales is fundamental to the success of any business. As a business owner, you know that increasing sales can be easier said than done. The beauty though is that there are some hacks that can help you scale up your sales performance, on a budget. Let us look at some of the simple ways you can add specific strategies to your arsenal, to help you grow your online sales fast.

Focus on your target audience

Generating more sales online requires you to have a deep understanding of exactly what your target audience needs. To gain deep market insight, you can start by creating a buyer persona. This refers to a specific group of potential customers whom your marketing strategy is targeting.

You can identify the gender, age, and other interests of your target customers to understand how to customize your products or services to increase sales. For example, if you are targeting teenagers who take an interest in running to buy sports shoes, it will help if you include the size of the shoe and the appropriate age of the individual who can wear it. This will personalize the item more and is likely to increase sales.  

Design a great business website

The design of your eCommerce business refers to how it looks and functions. A beautiful design that appeals to site visitors is the first selling point. It can determine if the visitor will keep scrolling down and viewing your products, or they will just exit after a click.

Ensure you get an expert to help you in planning a website in a way that affects or influences the buyer’s decisions. Remember that your website design is an opportunity to tell your story to your consumers and elaborate on your brand and its point of difference. The home page has the opportunity to also showcase the product range and services on offer with a strong call to action inviting them to browse and buy online.  


  •         Remember that most online shoppers use their mobile phones. So, it is critical for your website to be mobile-friendly and ensure a seamless mobile phone experience.  

  •         Make the checkout process easy for customers to avoid abandonment

  •         Make sure you have great content on your site

  •         Use SEO and other digital marketing campaigns to market your site and attract prospective buyers via multiple channels.  

Use tailored product videos

Having engaging and professionally taken high-resolution imagery on your site is a great way to appeal to your customers visually. You can also consider product videos that are more likely to appeal visually to your visitors and encourage them to add more products to their baskets.

One study on the behavior of online shoppers revealed that incorporating product videos increased the likelihood of a site visitor to purchase the item. Explainer videos on products or services that you are offering are more likely to attract buyers to buy. The video should also list the benefits that the buyers will accrue upon the purchase of the items.

There are many types of videos you can use to boost sales. You can create an explainer video, a demo, how-to, or even testimonial videos. Often, competitively priced video production alternatives exist in helping create high-quality videos without breaking the bank.  

Tips: You can also use the videos within the emails you send to customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. That will also increase the chance of conversion, leading to higher sales.

Win the trust of site visitors

Customer trust in business matters. The customers want to be sure that the content you publish is accurate and not misleading. They also seek assurances that the information they provide, such as email, password, or even credit card details are safe. To build this much-needed trust with your customers, you can follow these best practices:

  •         Ensure to keep your word: if you promise to give a discount upon purchase of certain items, do not change and fail to provide this, as this will hurt your reputation and result in sales loss.

  •         Use trust badges: Your site visitors want to ensure that the site is secure before they can carry out any transaction. Using an SSL Certificate badge will show that your site is secure and encrypted, therefore gaining the trust of the potential buying customer.

  •         Engage customers: You can do so by providing answers via FAQs on your website or better still deliver a managed live chat support that can help address their queries promptly. These engagements can take place as pre and post-sales support.   

  •         Correct mistakes: Mistakes happen, when they do, your business needs to take responsibility and respond promptly.  This demonstrates your business has the best interests of your customers at heart.

Wrap up

Increasing online sales of your products or services is not hard if you employ some best practices to provide customer service excellence to back conversion elements on your website. The bottom line is that you need to understand your customers, their needs, and then create the most optimal, affordable, and convenient ways to meet those needs. The successful mix for success is to put your customers' interests first and balance it within the reasonable commercial interests you have for running a successful and profitable business against your industry competitors.