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Data sharing between different feeder class UIBB.

there are many ways to data transfer in UIBB.

1. using wiring concept.

2. using shared class.

data sharing in feeder class uibb  means from  FORM_GUIBB  to LIST_GUIBB  or vice-versa  etc.

Create a class create  static attribute  for  holding data that you want to share between  differernt  UIBB’s . We use static attribute because  static object  exits once for class irrespective of number of object of class.

in above screen shoot we created a class for sharing data between uibb's with static attribute mv_carrid.

now in attribute of GUIBB class like form_guibb class create a referance variable of  shared class created above.

In one GUIBB class put data in static attribute mv_carrid  after calling  class instance.

other GUIBB class call class static object  and use data that is stored in it.

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