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Hello Everyone,

I am working on two SAP HCM projects, and we are just about to kick-off blue-printing sessions. The continuous argument we are having with our team members to show system demo or not.

Personally, everywhere I have worked, you show out of the box functionality. It helps customer to stimulate their thought process.

The example I always give, when you decided to buy a car, you looked at, you test drive it and then you picked one. 

You pick anything; you will see some form of demo.

There are few folks who have not done “Demo” in the past, and this does not mean it is a bad practice.

The steps I have usually done and seen.

  • You give system demo and then you kick off blue-printing.
  • When you are done with blue-printing, you show customer POC (Proof of concept) or Pilot functionality.

I want to use SCN channel to vent out my frustration as well as take input how other people have done it, when it becomes to SAP HCM talent management suite.  Also, do you agree or not agree that “System Demo” helps customer big time. After all “Seeing is Believing.”


Saquib Khan, PMP

”Confidence is a game played between your own two ears!!”