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I would explain Seeburger Workbench Recovery Monitor feature using the actual problem I faced in one of my Seeburger related projects. My client's landscape had a lot of interfaces using Seeburger adapters for EDI communications. Everything was going good and suddenly all the messages started accumulating in PI and each and every flow stopped. We quickly realized that the error was related to insufficient database space which was resolved by increasing the tablespace. Once done, with the automatic restart, the message started flowing out of PI again and the message flows seems to start behaving normal again.

However, Business folks assured that all was not normal. Those messages which have already entered Seeburger at the point of initiation of database problem were not sent automatically outside once the database problem was resolved. These messages remained stuck in the Seeburger and now there were two ways of digging out these messages.

First one, checking the messages in Seeburger monitoring and looking for erroneous entry which was displayed as below:

I have not shown all the fields of monitoring however, the most important part here is the symbol "i" on extreme right which occurs under Recovery heading (not shown here). It appears as a link and clicking on it shows the detail of messages.

There are various types of IDs present here but the actual Message ID of PI is the one present in front of "Attachments" option. In order to Recover this specific message, the Recover button shown above should be clicked and the message status would change to green.

Second option available for Recovery was the use of "Recovery Monitor" and using the search criteria to check out the Adapter specific messages under Recovery at particular time interval. This was a better option when you need to monitor and Recover multiple files in one go. You may observe these details in the screenshot below:

Multiple selections option here us very handy for recovering multiple files. The Attachments option here let you know the details of a particular message including the message content. Here again the Attachment ID is the PI Message ID. Using these details we had confirmed the missing files from Business.

Recovery Monitor option hence made the business team calm down a bit. 🙂

Earlier version of Seeburger Workbench had some problems with this Recovery option. The files were not properly recovered and on few occasions, there were some duplicate file problems. These problems are now taken care in the latest versions and Recovery Monitor behavior is quite stable now.