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In November 2012 SEEBURGER has released its new version of the EDI-Adapters. Since the available adapters already support all main B2B / EDI protocols and formats, the focus of the new adapter release was mainly put on enhancing performance and stability as well as including some nice features to make it easier to use. I will mention here some examples (mainly referring to the release notes of the adapters).

General Improvements in the Data Transmission Adapters :

  • SEEBURGER Message Monitor has now enhanced filtering capabilities and has been unified so
    it looks the same for all SEEBURGER adapters. Also it is now easier to see if
    an error was caused by a failed message or a failed report.
  • The Recovery Monitor and Message Monitor now show a history of errors which also
    can be downloaded
  • Pollings (e.g. for HTTP, FTP, X400/P7, SFTP) are now triggered immediately if the
    adapter is started in a period that has a polling configured.
  • Last automatic retry causes an alert if failed
  • Cleanup of the message monitor tables has been moved to the SAP scheduler and can now
    be configured much more flexible.
  • Downloading recovery jobs from the frontend now includes a list of errors which caused the
    recover job.

On the sFTP-Adapter there have been the most improvements implemented (mainly based on customer feedback and wish lists) :

  • Remote commands can now be executed before or after a file has been up/downloaded
  • Within one directory, multiple filename patterns can be used to download files
  • A maximum file size can be configured. Larger files will not be polled from the server
  • Additional check for complete file
  • Dual authentication support (key + password) has been added
  • Additional configuration option if a file with the same name is already on the server available

One question that has been raised several times regarding the BIC MappingDesigner was the availability for Windows 7 and here I can confirm that with Version 2.2, the MappingDesigner has also been tested and released for Windows 7.