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1. Configuring the NetWeaver system.

a. Log into the SAP system. b. Go into SE38 for the Preparation Check procedure. c. In the program field = RTCCTOOL d. Then hit Execute button. The following screen will be shown: Depending on your current location you should need to select the corresponding nearest SAPSERV system, then leave the defaults values and click () button. The following screen should appear: You will need to check every Red status item and read the associated OSS note to correct the issue first. e. Then hit Addons&Upgr button. f. Execute Procedure after add-on implementation button, only in case of the Red cross. The following screen should appear next: Depending on your current version, the comment information shown above could be different. g. Hit the () check. The next screen should only have green checks now:

2. Configuring transaction SDCCN.

a. Call transaction SDCCN. b. Choose from the menu Utilities --> Activate c. Confirm with Yes. d. Confirm with Yes. e. Confirm with Yes. f. Confirm with (). g. Confirm with (). h. Confirm with (). Now, the following screen should appear: Click Back button.

3. Configuring connection to Solution Manager.

a. From the menu select Go To --> Settings --> Task-specific. The following screen should appear: b. Highlight RFC Destinations --> Settings. c. Click on the square/table next to Settings. d. Switch to Change mode. e. Click Add RFC Destination button. f. Enter a description like My Solution Manager Destination. g. Open the matchcode or press F4 in Destination field. h. Choose your Solution Manager RFC destination. Note: This destination should already exist or must be configured manually through transaction SM59. Example: i. Hit () check. j. Select the Solution Manager destination recently created. k. Click Set Master SAP Solution Manager System button. l. Check Destination field and select Solution_Manager from the matchcode. m. Hit () check twice. n. Confirm with Yes. o. Hit Back. p. Hit Refresh button.

4. Starting first Service Preparation Check.

a. Highlight Service Preparation check. Then Edit --> start now. b. Confirm with Yes. c. Confirm with Yes. d. Confirm with Back button. e. Confirm with Yes. The following screen will be shown: Congratulation, you have successfully activated the new SDCC transaction and configured the EWA connection to your Solution Manager system.

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