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In 2009, Craig Cmehil issued a challenge for SAP Community members to record themselves and be recognized, in a You and your 30 seconds! called "You and your 30 seconds!" Subsequently, I and others in the SCN world twisted this promotion around and made it an awards show at SAP TechEd in Phoenix Arizona, in the fall of 2009 ("Announcing (Ta-Da) The First Annual SCNotties Awards Nominees"). The following year, as I traveled to Berlin for the EMEA TechEd, we ran a contest, with awards given in Berlin, as well as a second contest by the SCN team (called "SCN Choice Awards"), with recognition given in Las Vegas.

Since my travel plans for 2011 are taking me to SAP TechEd in Bangalore, India, it seemed appropriate to customize the recognitions and awards for that location, so I've decided the theme will be "SCnotty Goes To Bollywood."  I've talked to several SCN team members, and while the details of categories, recognition and prizes are being worked out, you should get started planning your video recording now!

We're thinking of categories for India-specific details, like geography and culture; if you are so inclined, suggest a category or blaze a trail with your own original creation.  I'd like to have all entrants be linked to India in some way, whether by heritage or culture, or currently working there, or attending the TechEd conference in Bangalore.

See this wiki page for current details: 30 seconds of recognition - 2011 Bollywood Edition



If you create a video, put it online and share the link no later than September 30, 2011.  Late entrants will not be considered. No fooling. I have to watch all of these, over and over again, so be merciful. While early entrants get credit for being daring and ahead of the curve, later entrants can steal your mojo and twist it around.

You can record more than one take, but the judges will likely only consider one of them. Unless the content is so unbelievably outstanding we can't deny it.


Previous contestants have gone home with original woodwork by yours truly, and this year should be no exception. It's just a token, and in good fun, but there have been some back stage discussions you might not believe.

One of the prizes I'm planning for all entrants (and other worthies) are buttons commemorating the event.  Post your ideas for a graphics theme by August 30, 2011, and I may include your art in the design.  Here are a few buttons we've created in the past to get your creative juices flowing:




Previous award construction