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Firstly, what is a SCNotty - I'm a noob about this so I’ll let Sue Koehan explain that one in this blog.  In short, my understanding is that if you’re going to SAP TechEd (and even if your not) - Find your Super Power or Kryptonite and Video and post it to win to make it an even better TechEd!

SCNotties 2011 Las Vegas

Anyway, so I was part of the audience at last year’s #SCNotty at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and was thinking, self-deprecating humour is a great way to break down some barriers, put you out of your comfort zone and add to what is already a great event, that of SAP TechEd . 

Considering the high respect I have for the people who put up these videos (plus the hosts on the night), it encouraged me to make me want to do my bit next year...It’s next year now, and I started to think - maybe what we need is a music video! And since music videos go for a lot longer than 30 seconds (which is the approximate recommended length of a SCNotty), I’ll make it an SAP Mentor video, involve others to justify going for 3 minutes!

SAP Mentors Care a Lot

So with that in mind, a couple of months ago, I was jamming to Faith No More’s “We Care a Lot” (reliving my youth), and it hit me...This is the one! So I sent out a request to handful of SAP Mentors to record some video with them singing (or doing whatever) on video and the video was born.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would respond, but sure enough the video’s started pouring in (maybe exaggerating there) and the hilarity began.

First came leonardo.arajo; who got my message on arriving at work; and immediately recorded a video right there listening with his headphones in a quiet office environment before anyone else arrived (very brave).  You only see some snippets of him in the video; but this guy was made for the camera, and he was hilarious.

Then offers to record videos came through from the others you see in the video; with similar experiences happening often within the videos.  eg. The video of graham.robinson playing air drums in his hotel room while on holiday in Hawaii is priceless. alisdair.templeton was just insane grabbing anything left, right and centre he could put his hands on (including the cat) into the video. tony.dethomasis struggling to get his line right was a classic too. susan.keohan, krishnakumar.ramamoorthy , steinermatt , david.hull2 , tammy.powlas all delivered the goods.

So with plenty of  Mentors ready to go; I got down to it.

Video Editing 101

Now here’s a quick tip to get how to get something done...

If you need to get something done in a short time frame, get a time limited trial of software, commit to it early; and watch how it all comes together in the last day!

Being a Geek, I’d always wanted to do some green screen; plus a brady bunch frame of SAP Mentors sounds awesome.  Unfortunately iMovie didn’t cut it so I downloaded the 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro which is some great software albeit expensive.

So with 30 days locked in - my schedule was set.  I got to learn how green, green needs to be (hence the dodgy green screen effect); how long a mac takes to process complex video sequences and the trouble with getting lip sync with music when everything keeps rendering is slow work!

The Bar is not set...Submit your videos now

So it’s done and you can see it here; definitely over the top for a SCNotty which leads me to think I need to do another SCNotty more in line with the other SCNotty entries. i.e. ~30 seconds of a single take (or two) video showing my super power...Which, by the way, is definitely not video editing!

So get your blogger or video cameras primed; come up with anything demonstrating your Super Power or Kryptonite and see you in Vegas for the SCNotties!

Closing Credits:A Big Thank You

To all those I mentioned above (and the others who also offered but were too busy in the end to help out - plus martin.gillet3 and the SAP TechEd photographer for the photos used) - Thanks for giving me a chance to do my first music video and having a hilarious time doing it!