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Source: MasteringSAP

Great ASUG volunteer and a great SAP Mentor karin.tillotson3 posted this on twitter this week:


This is a big loss, in my view, to ASUG and the community.  For sure I understand and appreciate the rules of paying dues for membership; I am also a Certified Public Accountant after all.  I wanted to publicly thank Karin for all her service and work to ASUG and also mentoring me in both the SAP Mentors, ASUG volunteers, and having my back as a friend.

As ASUG volunteers plan their way to ASUG volunteer weekend in Nashville this coming week, I am very sad that Karin will not be there.  I believe she has been at every volunteer meeting I've attended.

I started volunteering with ASUG in 2007, unsure of where to go or what to do.  In my first year, I was responsible for webcasts; how many did I do in my first year?  None.  Then in 2010 our SAP point of contact at the time, Ingo Hilgefort, insisted we start up ASUG influence councils.  At the time, I thought it was going to be a big pain and I did not want to do it.  Ingo asked Karin to help us start up some ASUG influence councils, and show us what to do, how to set them up and how to conduct them.  As a result, ASUG BI has had some 9-10 very successful influence councils over the years and they continue today.  To me ASUG Influence Councils are the best benefit ASUG has.  Thank you, Karin, for helping the ASUG BI volunteers.


For Karin's own successful experiences with ASUG Influence Councils, see SAP's Java UI Strategy - Customer Dialogue at TechEd Las Vegas with video by jon.reed appearing with yariv.zur :


Karin also wrote this powerful blog on ASUG Influence Councils:

Why I believe in the power of ASUG Influence Councils Part 1

Karin has spoken at an ASUG TechEd and ASUG Annual Conference sessions before, sharing her knowledge, something a Mentor does.  I located this from an ASUG BI 2009 Newsletter that one of our volunteers wrote:
“BW Archiving.  MANY attendees; this is a popular topic.  Valero bought the PBS tool.  They use ADK-based archiving (for creating the data archiving processes).  They run the archiving processes once / year. “

Karin has also spoken at ASUG Annual Conference about archiving.  A co-worker of mine, who did not know archiving, returned from attending her session and sounded very knowledgeable about the topic.  This is a true testimony of how much Karin has shared her knowledge over the years.


I Googled "Karin Tillotson" "ASUG" and found this ASUG session from 2003:

Source: ASUG


Here are some really great blogs by Karin:

Tennis Anyone?

SAP Data Archiving Changes in ERP 60 EhP 6

Why I believe in the power of ASUG Influence Councils Part 1

Karin’s Version of The 12 Days of SAP Christmas

ASUG volunteer 02697040d5824f4a9d8fb38b1a40074f has written several blogs, detailing what volunteers like Karin do with the ASUG Annual Conference program committee:

Planning 2010, teamwork, and community building

Floors and attics at #ASUG09


Karin has presented at almost every ASUG SAP TechEd session that I can recall and also hosted packed networking sessions.  So i would like to acknowledge Karin for being a standout ASUG Influence leader and a valued volunteer, contributing her personal time for 15 years to contribute to ASUG.  Her hard work and dedication has helped ASUG deliver successful customer-driven education.  Please join me in saying "thank you" to Karin.


I say "au revoir" in the title as in French it means "until we meet again" - it sounds better than "goodbye".  Karin will be attending ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRENOW in June, so we'll see her again.

Source: Jim Spath (I think)