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Date: Monday, September 16

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Who is invited: everyone

Webcast details: see attached Outlook invitation

Background provided by SAP:

SAP Certification recently conducted a survey of SAP user groups to determine how important SAP certification is to our users. Over 300 users responded to the survey which targeted several SAP user groups around the world. 

As directed by the CEIC (Certification Enablement and Influence Council), SAP Certification has conducted a survey of its user groups to gather feedback regarding the importance of certification in general and specifically the importance of Credential Manager implementation.

More than 80% of respondents say it is important or very important to have their employees certified.  And, 60% say certification is used as criteria when selecting consultants to implement SAP projects. Also, 75% of respondents indicate it is important or very important to be able to search a public registry of consultants.


Learn more when susan.martin, Director Global Certification, presents the survey results at this Mentor Monday session on September 16th.

I know SAP worked hard to reach out to user groups around the world to obtain their feedback on SAP certification.  How important is SAP Certification to customers and partners?  Find out Monday, September 16th.

For more recent information on SAP Certification, check out this summary of the last SAP Certification SAP Mentor webcast.