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Hello !!

Today after SAP changing its course rapidly towards fast pacing Innovation etc., I felt we still hear about ABAP developers stuck with changes on Sapscript. Looking at the old repository I had one document which talks on Sapscript versioning. Let me know your thoughts please.

Background & Objective:

In projects Developers would have faced challenges where recent Sapscript changes ended up in errors in Production system. As standard SAP has not given any version management for Sapscript, developers would have thought that having a Sapscript version would save lot of time in fixing the issue. To handle these scenarios this simple tool to help developer maintain version of Sapscript to quickly refer back in case of Production errors.

Technical Aspects:

This solution contains one custom program to save Sapscript copy in Application server when a transport is released, a custom table to update versions of a Sapscript and custom program to display versions of a Sapscript. 

CAPTURE – A program that can upload current Sapscript to Application server. This uses standard Sapscript program to download Sapscript data. The trigger point can be placed depending on the requirement for storing the Sapscript. Example: Activating Sapscript, Releasing Sapscript etc.

UPDATE – Custom table to store the Sapscript Name, Version number, Path, Transport request number required for Display program.

COMPARE – Custom program to compare all the versions stored for a form. This will access Sapscript version file stored in Application server and Custom table storing version details.