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I’m getting ready to attend my very first SAPPHIRE + ASUG Annual Conference next week, and am plagued by existential questions. What kind of muffins will be at breakfast? Will I get lost on the show floor? How long will Hasso’s keynote REALLY be? How many socks should I bring? IS THERE GOING TO BE ENOUGH COFFEE?!

Etc., etc.

The biggest question of all, though, is the same question I have every year at TechEd: How am I going to attend all the sessions I want to attend without a Duplicator?

If you have the same problem, bad news: I’m about to make it worse. Because the real purpose of this blog entry is to give you a list of sessions from SAP PRESS authors that are worth checking out. And you’re gonna need a Duplicator to do it.

Author(s)Session TitleSession Description
alan.rickayzen, where I have been known to wax philosophical on pineapples, Douglas Adams, airport warning signs, and the nature of the human condition. Wait, I mean cats.