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National Institute of Education (NIE) Mysore has hosted a one week Faculty development program (22-26 July) on Cloud computing. A major emphasis point of this workshop is to engage faculties with the current market leaders in cloud adoption. SAP was thus a natural choice to provide half a day session on cloud @ SAP.

A session on the cloud @ SAP, specifically the cloud based on demand ERP solution from SAP "Business by design" was given by the experts from SAP. Mrs. Parul Sharma, Project Manager, SAP ByD and her colleague Mr. Rohit Acharya, who are part of the development team from SAP Labs Bangalore, showcased why the fully integrated, on-demand ERP software cloud offering from SAP is the de facto business choice for thousands of customers worldwide. They shared their immense experience and their joy of developing software at SAP.

Specifically their session on ByD provided valuable insights into SAP's product stratergy, Focus areas for SAP cloud, parameters determining cloud adoption, Co-innovation Eco-system of ByD, and the way forward for ByD among others. The entire session was very interactive with questionnaire and experience sharing.

SAP University alliances, which works towards taking the latest offerings from SAP to the classrooms by actively engaging with academicians saw this event as a strategic fit to its activities. It is rare indeed to find a room full of faculties & research scholars passionate on current technologies such as cloud, in one place. SAP University alliances provided a session outlining the market it serves, its various activities and how it benefits universities worldwide. SAP UA also showcased its framework of "learn, apply, share" to the participants.

The participants were also exposed to MOOC's such as OpenSAP, current trends such as Human face of Big Data, Design thinking, value and the benefits of SAP HANA Academy, SAP Student academy, Knowledge tour among others. The most interesting part of the entire session was exposing the participants to the idea of an In-memory database. SAP HANA and its customer success stories, its revolutionary breakthroughs created a lot of interest among facilities. Many were interested in learning more about HANA, as they wanted to take back those ideas to the classrooms. There was a lot of healthy debate on SAP HANA, and the opportunities it opens up. It was exciting to expose people who teach Databases every day to the idea of real time business, and how in fact the textbooks taught today have be rewritten in the next few years. 

Faculties and research scholars were fascinated on how, SAP HANA will change the way businesses operate worldwide. Another area that was stressed upon during the session was SAP Student ambassadors, Techniversity, and the upcoming SAP University alliances App Rumble India 2013. Finally, the benefits and operating model of SAP Associate membership model was explained. The Day ended as a great learning experience for all the parties involved !