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In an earlier blog, I had the pleasure of announcing the '30 Seconds of Recognition' initiative for SAP Tech Ed Las Vegas Edition.  (Or the #scnotties, as they are fondly called).  SAP Community Network members could film and submit little videos introducing themselves to the community.  Similar to the blogitforward initiative started by moshe.naveh, but on steroids.

We already have some great videos for your viewing pleasure... But as the Community seems to be engaged in other activities (MLB playoffs, presidential debates, etc) I thought perhaps we could cut you some slack.

To that end, the #scnotty team is willing to extend the deadline for submissions to the SAP TechED LV edition.  The new deadline will be.... October 14, 2012, 5PM.  I hope you appreciate the tremendous pressure this will put on the panel of judges, but we really want to ensure that everybody is using their flip cams this weekend, if not before!

So, to recap.  The 'theme' (if you should choose to use it) is Superpowers and/or Kryptonite.  Create a little video - serious or not - and upload it to the Wiki.  You also score valuable SCN points for learning how to upload to a Wiki - well, OK, maybe not. 

At some time during SAPTechEdLV, we will announce the awards 'ceremony'.  The categories and their winners will be announced, and awards given out.  You need not be present to win!  If you are attending a different TechEd, we will arrange to have your award brought to you.  You can also see how these magnificent awards are made!  Imagine what your friends and family will say when they see this prestigious award sitting on your mantle or on your desk at work. 

But everybody is a real winner - for taking the time and having the courage to put it all out there, sharing their insights. 

Just to give you an idea, here is my winning entry from last year!

Let the good times roll!