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A couple of months ago I announced the launch of the first version of the SAP Support Viewer for Android at SCN. It was a good start, but it had one key problem related to scrolling the entire content of the note. 


In the latest version 1.20 available now from Android Market this problem is fixed and many new features are added.

The video below gives a quick introduction to the app and its features

What’s new in version 1.20:
  * Scrolling problem fixed by modifying SAP HTML code on the fly
  * Favorite notes now include the title of the note
  * Share Notes by long-clicking on it in the list. This will allow you to easily share the note through e-mail, twitter or any other android app which support generic text intents
  *  (Android 2.2 only) Cloud to device integration. This allows you to read a note in your Google Chrome browser on the PC, click a button and have it sent directly to the SAP Support Note Viewer app on Android a few seconds later 


In order to install it, search for SAP in the market application from your Android Mobile phone or the Android barcode scanner on the QR code below.


PS The source code of the application is available at

PSS The cloud to device integration requires the setup of the Chrome to phone extension and android app from